Web services to improve
your digitalization

Added value to your digital strategy

Turning your ideas into ambitious & innovative products

Choose the type of site adapted to your activity & your needs

For the presentation of an activity or products and services, it is advisable to go to a showcase site, like the case of Tarot Persan. As for the e-commerce site, it is ideally designed for e-merchants wishing to easily manage their online store.

Then, for web projects that go beyond the traditional framework of a showcase site or a generic merchant site, it may be appropriate to move towards a custom website.

Advice and services in communication

At the time of its intervention, a web agency provides you with sound advice on the communication actions to focus on.

Creation of customized websites

Creation of customized websites

Thanks to customization, you will no longer be limited in terms of graphics and customization to satisfy your visitors.

Skills in graphic design & webdesign

A web agency will create for you an outstanding graphic design as well as a web platform compliant with UX/UI design standards.

Your referencing strategy

The right keywords open every door for you

Referencing & positioning audit

The web referencing audit of a site highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the site in terms of referencing, the positioning audit analyses the positions obtained in the SERPs.

Manual optimization of natural referencing

The manual optimization of SEO goes inexorably through the choice of keywords by which you want to position yourself, on-page optimization (content, URLs, tags, page speed …) and off-page optimization (netlinking, social networks, forums …).

Management of commercial link campaigns

To laboriously manage its commercial link campaigns (Google Ads in particular) is to allow oneself to position oneself instantly on the purchased keywords and to quickly boost one’s visibility on search engines.


Webmarketing as an integral part of your communication strategy

Being at the heart of your digital communication strategy, webmarketing takes up and reinforces traditional methods. Thus, a solid and efficient webmarketing strategy is a powerful lever on which you can rely to boost your performance in terms of digital communication. Moreover, it allows you to bring your website to life, to considerably reinforce its capacity to generate leads, to help you cultivate a strong brand and a good e-reputation, to have a good level of influence at the scale of your activity sector, etc…

Webdesigners, graphic designers & illustrators

Because a good drawing is better than a long speech

It’s a fact, Internet users prefer images to text! By illustrating your raw data with highly qualitative images, the virality of your content will increase significantly. With their high viral potential, images are particularly effective for quickly disseminating very elaborate ideas, but also for avoiding losing the attention of your visitors. Moreover, they provoke emotions and therefore constitute a powerful lever to improve the user experience.